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4★ - 5★

Curious DollAccessory

Attributes: LUCK Up, Jewels Obtained Up, All Elements Res


This plush bear is said to have been passed down through a certain royal family for generations. It's covered in patches, but is undeniably cute. All the love it has received over so many years has imbued it with miraculous powers, and it grants a range of blessings upon its owner.


LUCK +5-25, Jewels Obtained +1-15

Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
LUCK +5 +25
Jewels Obtained +1 +15
Fire Res +5 +10
Water Res +5 +10
Wind Res +5 +10
Thunder Res +5 +10
Light Res +5 +10
Dark Res +5 +10