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AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

4★ - 5★

Sanctuary RodStaff

Attributes: MATK Up, PDEF Up, HP Up, Chance of PDEF Up
Gear Ability: Raises Missile Res of ally units.


Hanging from the top of this rod are shield-like crystals that also offer protection against long-range attacks. The Alchemia inside the rod is said to boost resistance against missile attacks for all the bearer's allies.

Equippable Jobs

Attributes: MATK/PDEF/HP Up

Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
MATK +10 +40
PDEF +5 +20
HP +10 +60
Attack Skill

Chance of PDEF Up

Self Buff Data
Type Chance Min Value Max Value
PDEF 50% +10% +20%
Gear Ability
Name Trench Protector Cost 35 Range
Height 2 Usage 2 Effect Raises Missile Res of ally units within target area for one turn Player Buff
Missile Res
Lv 1: +50
Lv 20: +70
2 (ActionStart)