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4★ - 5★

Binding ScepterStaff

Attributes: MATK Up, Initial Jewels Up, MDEF Up, Chance of Daze


This scepter is said to have once been wielded by a High Mage. The red gemstone at its tip is unstable, and is constantly changing between solid and liquid states. Perhaps because of this, it occasionally prevents the enemy from moving after an attack is inflicted with it.

Equippable Jobs

Binding Scepter 4-5★: MATK +10-40, MDEF +2-15, Max Jewels +5-20, Chance of Daze (10-15%)

Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
MATK +10 +40
MDEF +2 +15
Initial Jewels +5 +20
Daze +10 +15