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AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

4★ - 5★

King of HerringsKatana

Attributes: PATK Up, HP Up, DEX Up, Chance of AGI Up
Gear Ability unlocked when evolving to 5★ (Recovers own HP & raises Hit Rate for three turns)


This treasured sword is spoken of in the legends of Wadatsumi. The tales say that its blade is made from the sea itself, solidified, but the details of this are unknown. When wielded it calms the bearer's heart, granting heightened powers of concentration and giving the illusion that time has stopped.

Equippable Jobs
Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
PATK +10 +40
HP +10 +40
DEX +10 +30
Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
PATK +10 +50
HP +10 +65
DEX +10 +40
Attack Skill
Self Buff Data
Type Chance Min Value Max Value
AGI 30% +15% +15%
Gear Ability
Name Cheers of the Deep Sea Cost 26 Value 60% Range
Usage 3 Effect Recovers own HP and raises Hit Rate for three turns Self Buff
Hit Rate
4 (ActionStart)