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AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

3★ - 5★

Spirit KabutowariKatana

Attributes: PATK Up, DEX Up, Chance of PDEF Down


This long sword contains an incredible amount of Alchemia. It's both keen enough to slice a fly clean in half and very easy to use. Blades of its type are used by all those who follow the way of the sword--from novices to seasoned veterans.

Equippable Jobs

Attributes: PATK Up, DEX Up

Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
PATK +20 +40
DEX +10 +20
Attack Skill

Chance of PDEF Down

Enemy Buff
Type Chance Min Value Max Value
PDEF 30% -5% -30%