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3★ - 5★

True Groom's EdgeBridal Sword

Attributes: PATK Up, MATK Up, Chance of Bind


This weapon can only be wielded by one who has taken the vows of marriage. Its blade is enveloped in a light that embodies its user's unwavering will, and it will sometimes prevent the enemy from moving after an attack is inflicted with it. It draws on the wielder's love for his wife as the source of its power, and so can only be equipped by bridegrooms.

Equippable Jobs

True Groom's Edge 3-5★: PATK +3-15, MATK +3-20, Chance of Bind (10-15%)

Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
PATK +3 +15
MATK +3 +20
Bind +10 +15