Sabel Veston

Type Equipment
Enhancer Pts 165
Enhancer Cost 49500
Zeni Cost 147550
Zeni Sales Price 14755
Tour Coins 5900
Soul Coins 7375
Basic Information
This colorful jacket is worn by Arkil. Its sleeves are made from a luxurious and highly flexible material that allows for incredible ease-of-movement. The shoulders, neck, and other important areas are embroidered and set with metal plates, and it offers excellent defensive capabilities.
[Arkil/Magic Swordsman+-Only Equipment] HP +36, PDEF +12, AGI +1, Charm Res +7, Wind Res +3
Materials Zeni Cost
Equipment Stats
Type Min Max
HP +36 +54
PDEF +12 +18
AGI +1 +2
Charm Res +7 +10
Wind Res +3 +4