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Heaven's Infinite Race

After moving, greatly raises own AGI for one turn & raises MOVE by 2 & doubles PATK & no consecutive use & "[Black Star] Dimensional Refrain" changes into "[Black Star Underside] Dimensional Echo" for the next turn only [Move area: Diamond (7), JUMP: 3]

Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 20
Effect Type Buff
Target GridNoUnit
Range 0-3
Select Range Diamond
Height 3
Teleport Type BeforeSkill
Teleport Target Self
Teleport Height 3
Charges 3
Timing Used
Ability Change Turn 1
  • AcSelf
  • AcReset
Self Buff Details
MOVE (Add) 2
AGI (Scale)
Min: 20
Max: 80
PATK (Scale) 100
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionEnd
Turns 2