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The Alchemist Code Skills (Global)

Name Type ATK Type DMG Type
Wadatsumi's Defense Passive
Wadatsumi's Demonic Defense Passive
Wadatsumi's Legacy Passive
Wadatsumi's Rigidness Passive
Wadatsumi's Vitality Passive
Wadatsumi's Vitality Passive
Wadatsumi Swiftness Boots Item
(Waginau Accessory) 3★ Item
(Waginau Accessory) 4★ Item
(Waginau Accessory) 5★ Item
Waginau Gear 1 Item
Waginau Gear 3 Item
Waginau Job Master Bonus 1 Passive
Waginau Job Master Bonus 3 Passive
Waginau Res Down Passive
Wailing Wild Eagle Passive
Wall Circle Skill
Wall Formation Skill
Wall of Light - Hervor Skill Pierce Physical
Wall of Protection Skill
Wallop Skill Strike Physical
Wall Shattering Kick Skill Strike Physical
Wand Item
Wanderer Hat Item
Wanderer's Boon Passive
Wanderer's Heartbeat Passive
Wanderer's Heartbeat Passive
Wanderer's Heartbeat Passive
Wanderer's Heartbeat Passive
Wanderer's Longcoat Item
Wanderer's Scorn Passive
Wandering Malice Skill
Wandering Swordsman Job Master Bonus Passive
[Waning Crater] Drowning in Chains Skill
Wanna be Number One Passive
War Cry Skill
War Dance of Sloth Passive
War Demon Passive
War-Demon Assault Skill Slash Physical
War God's Spirit Passive
War Labrys Item
War Labrys Item
Warlock Buster Skill Missile Physical
War Princess Fan Skill
War Princess's Embrace Skill
Warp-Strike Skill Slash Physical
Warrior: JLv01 Passive
Warrior: JLv02 Passive
Warrior: JLv03 Passive
Warrior: JLv04 Passive
Warrior: JLv05 Passive
Warrior: JLv06 Passive
Warrior: JLv07 Passive
Warrior: JLv08 Passive
Warrior: JLv09 Passive
Warrior: JLv10 Passive
Warrior: JLv11 Passive
Warrior: JLvMA Passive
Warrior Job Master Bonus Passive
Warrior Poetry [Permanent] Skill
War Spirit Summon Skill
War-Torn Eye Passive
War Whoop Skill
Watching the Flow Skill
Water +10% Passive
Water +5% Passive
[Water] +5 Res Passive
[Water] +5 Res Passive
[Water] +5 Res Soft Passive
[Water] +5 Res Soft Passive
Water Barrier Skill
Water Blade Lure Skill Slash Physical
Water Blade Lure Skill Slash Physical
Waterburst Seal Skill
Water Candy Eaten Skill
Water DEF Down [Permanent] Skill
Water DEF Up [Permanent] Skill
Water Down Skill
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv01 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv02 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv03 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv04 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv05 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv06 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv07 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv08 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv09 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv10 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv11 Passive
Water Enchanter Upper: JLv11 Max Passive
Water Enchantment Skill
Waterfall Seal Skill Special Physical
Water Flash Skill Magic Magical
Water Flow Breath Skill Magic Physical
Water God Down Passive Passive
Water God Passive Passive
Water Guardian Skill
Water Guardian's Amulet Item
Water Guardian's Amulet Item
Water Guardian's Amulet (PvP Additional) Item