AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

The Alchemist Code Skills (Global)

Name Type ATK Type DMG Type
ジョブマスターボーナス Passive
ジョブマスターボーナス Passive
1000 HP All Shield Skill
1000 HP Solo Shield Skill
1000 HP Wide Shield Skill
1,000 Needles Reaction Missile Physical
(シェンメイ):ジョブ11装備一式セット Passive
(パラディン):ジョブ11装備一式セット Passive
(プリンセス):ジョブ11装備一式セット Passive
1-Carat Sparkle Passive
1 HL Skill
1st Regiment Emblem Item
2 Million Gear 4★ Item
2 Million Gear 5★ Item
(2nd) Rare Treat! Mandragora Reaction
2nd Regiment Emblem Item
2連撃 Skill Slash Physical
プリンセススケプター★3~4 Item
パラディンシールド★3~4 Item
3rd Regiment Emblem Item
3-Strike Dragon Fist Skill Strike Physical
アスカロン★4 Item
ラプソディ★4 Item
クラウ・ソラス★4 Item
ガンナーライフル★4 Item
プリンセスマスケット★4 Item
アスカロン★5 Item
ラプソディ★5 Item
クラウ・ソラス★5 Item
ガンナーライフル★5 Item
パラディンシールド★5 Item
プリンセススケプター★5 Item
プリンセスマスケット★5 Item
50% HP Recovery Skill Special None
7-Tactic Master (Acht): JobLv 11 Complete Equipment Set Passive
7-Tactic Master (Acht): Job Master Complete Equipment Set Passive
Abandon Knowledge Passive
Ability for PotK 3EX2 Gimmick Passive
Ability for PotK 3EX2 Gimmick Passive
Ability for PotK 3EX2 Gimmick Passive
Absolute Darkness Skill Magic Magical
Absolute Defense Skill
Absolute Defense Skill
Absorb Jewels Reaction Magical
Absorb Shield 4★ Item
Absorb Shield 5★ Item
Absorption Blade Skill Slash Physical
Accelerated Armed Raid Skill Slash Physical
(Acht) Job Master Bonus Passive
Ack! Please, teacher! Skill
Actress Job Master Bonus Passive
Adaptation Evolve Passive
Adjusting Dribble Skill Strike Physical
Adorable Staff Item
Aegis Guard Item
Aeolian Harp Item
Aeolian Harp Item
Aerial Move Skill Magic Magical
Aerial Ride Skill Magic Magical
Aerial Smash Skill Strike Physical
Aerial Smash Skill Strike Physical
Aerial Smash Skill Strike Physical
Aero Bolt Skill Magic Magical
Aero Bolt Skill Magic Magical
Aero-Charge Thrust Skill Pierce Physical
Aero Sword Skill Slash Magical
Aero Sword Skill Slash Magical
Aether Flare Skill Magic Magical
Afterimage Skill
Aggravating Stone Throw Skill Missile Physical
Aggressive Flow Method Skill
AGI +10% Passive
△[AGI] +1~100 Passive
▼[AGI] -1~-50% Passive
AGI +5% Passive
A Hundred Blossoms Skill Slash Physical
A Hundred Blossoms of Romance Skill Missile Physical
Air Breath Skill Magic Physical
Aircraft Boots Item
Air Surge Skill Slash Physical
AJ2000 Res Down Passive
AJ2500 Res Down Passive
AJ3000 Res Down Passive
Akatsuki 3~5★ Item
Akatsuki (Chance to Activate) Item
Akindo Bag Item
Alarm Bomb Skill Missile Physical
Albireo Dress Item
Albireo Globe Item
Albireo Hat Item
Alchemia Burst Skill Slash Physical
Alchemia Burst Round Skill Missile Physical
Alchemia Ix Skill Slash Physical
Alchemia Nova Skill Slash Physical
Alchemia Overload Skill Magic Magical
Alchemia Razor Skill Magic Magical
Alchemia Strike Skill Magic Magical
Alchemia Twin Bullet Skill Missile Physical
Alchemic Barrier Skill
Alchemic Bulwark Skill