AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

The Alchemist Code Skills (Global)

Name Type ATK Type DMG Type
Rose's Barrette Item
Rose's High Boots Item
Rosette Necklace Item
Rotation Jacket Item
Rouge Long Boots Item
Round and Round the Garden Skill
Roundhouse Block Reaction
Roundhouse Kick Skill Strike Physical
Roundhouse Kick Skill Strike Physical
Roundhouse Kick Skill Strike Physical
Roundhouse Kick Skill Slash Physical
Roundhouse Kick Counter Reaction Strike Physical
Rowdy Major Delay Skill
Rowdy Major Slow Skill
Rowdy Major Stop Skill
Royal Flush Skill Missile Physical
Royal Gauntlet Item
Royal Guard Skill
Royal Shield Passive
Roy's Fireproof Uniform Item
Rozetta Medallion Item
Rudra Break Skill Pierce Physical
Rudra Cross Skill Pierce Physical
Rudra Cure Skill
Rudra Sphere Item
Rule Breaker Skill Slash Physical
Rune Break Skill Slash Physical
Runner's Resolve Passive
Russian Roulette Skill
△[Sabareta Event Res] +10~50% Passive
[Sabareta] Gate of Envy Passive
[Sabareta] Gate of Lust Passive
[Sabareta] Gate of Sloth Passive
Sabel Bracelet Item
Sabel Hightops Item
Sabel Revolver Item
Sabel Shisha Item
Sabel Turban Item
Sabel Veston Item
Saber Item
Saber Armor Item
Saber Job Master Bonus Passive
Sacred Clash Skill Pierce Physical
Sacred Dress Item
Sacred Fur Coat Item
Sacred Knight Skill Slash Physical
Sacred Knight Equipment Item
Sacred Knight: JLv01 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv02 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv03 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv04 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv05 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv06 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv07 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv08 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv09 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv10 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv11 Passive
Sacred Knight: JLv11 Max Passive
Sacred Knight Job Master Bonus Passive
Sacred Knight Job Master Bonus Passive
Sacred Lion Blade Item
Sacred Lord Skill Slash Physical
Sacred Prayer Skill
Sacred Shield Item
Sacred Spearman Job Master Bonus Passive
Sacred Spearman Purification Passive
Sacrifice Ritual Item
Sacrifice Ritual (On ATK) Item
Sacrificial Protection Reaction
Sacrificial Protection Reaction
Sadistic Skill
Sagefire Skill Magic Magical
Sage: JLv01 Passive
Sage: JLv02 Passive
Sage: JLv03 Passive
Sage: JLv04 Passive
Sage: JLv05 Passive
Sage: JLv06 Passive
Sage: JLv07 Passive
Sage: JLv08 Passive
Sage: JLv09 Passive
Sage: JLv10 Passive
Sage: JLv11 Passive
Sage Job Master Bonus Passive
Sage Job Master Bonus Passive
Sage Job Master Bonus Passive
Sage+ Job Master Bonus Passive
Saintly Pauldron Item
Saint's Bicorn 4★ Item
Saint's Bicorn 5★ Item
Saint's Bicorn AS Item
Saint Slayer Skill Slash Physical
Saint's Meteor 4★ Item
Saint's Meteor 5★ Item
Saint's Protection Passive
Saint's Robe Item
Saint's Sacrifice Item
Saint's Sacrifice on ATK Item
Sakura Blade 3-4★ Item