Future Sure to Come

Type Equipment
Rarity 5★
Max Level 1
Enhancer Cost 2000
Enhancer EXP 20000
Basic Information
A distant dream, as I wandered the desert sands; I was looking upon a strange light with dubious eyes. I heard my own voice say, "Don't call me mistress. Not even teasingly, all right?" If the previous me knew of all I have avoided, she would doubtless have something to say about it. Yet the pain and the grief that come with holding a sword transform with the passage of time; that is the lesson I was taught by those two rays of light. That I was able to meet them is a small miracle that I still hold within my heart. (Setsuna's Thoughts)
Type Lvl 1
HP +30
Level HP
1 +30
Crowd Spirit Group Skill
Type Lvl 1
PATK +10
PDEF +10
MATK +10
MDEF +10
1 +10 +10 +10 +10