Envylian History: A New Translation

Gear Type Accessory
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
Whether the contents of this text are the truth or a fabrication is only known to those who are no longer human. It is a reminder to all that a single source of historical documentation cannot be considered to be the definitive authority on historical accounts. A valuable document, regardless of its debatable veracity.
Attributes: Max HP Up, Enables Master Ability "Revelry Force" when equipped (Permanently raises PATK/MATK/PDEF/MDEF/DEX when attacking (Stackable up to 41x))
Max Stats
  • HP +401
Gear Ability
  • Revelry Force
Gear Ability
Permanently raises own PATK/MATK/PDEF/MDEF/DEX when attacking (Stackable up to 41x)
Target Buff (Self)
Stackable 41 Times
Type Min Max
PATK +41 (1/Attack)
MATK +41 (1/Attack)
PDEF +41 (1/Attack)
MDEF +41 (1/Attack)
DEX +41 (1/Attack)