Christmas Stocking

Gear Type Accessory
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
A large sock given out to good boys and girls before the winter holiday. These special items are packed with holiday treats and dreams, bringing smiles to all children who recieve them.
Attributes: Raises Max Jewels, AGI & Greatly Lowers Hit Rate & Enables Master Ability "Sparkling Snowy Night" (Raises own Jewel Auto Charge for 2 turns after appearing on the map [Effect increases each turn; Maximum 2 turns])
Max Stats
  • Max Jewels +50
  • AGI +10
  • Hit Rate -60
Gear Ability
  • Sparkling Snowy Night
Gear Ability
When appearing on map, raises own Jewel Auto Charge for two turns (Effect increases each turn, max two turns)
Hide Target Buff
Target Buff (Self)
Duration (ActionEnd) 2
Type Min Max
Auto Jewel Charge +24 (12/Turn)