Kukulkan Earrings

Gear Type Accessory
Rarity 4★ - 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
Earrings crafted from the scales of a dragon which are said to appear before a chosen warrior. The scales are filled with Alchemia, healing the one whose ears they decorate. They also award the wearer tireless stamina and mental fortitude, and help guide those who battle for the peace of the realm to victory.
Attributes: MDEF Up, Hit Rate Up, AGI Up, Enables Master Ability "Serene Scintillation" once evolved to 5★ (Casts Auto Heal)
Max Stats
  • MDEF +20
  • Hit Rate +10
  • AGI +8
Gear Ability
  • Serene Scintillation
Max Stats
  • MDEF +18
  • Hit Rate +9
  • AGI +7
Gear Ability
Casts Auto Heal on self
Target Condition (Self)
Type Min Max
Rate 100%
Value 100%
Auto Heal Rate 8%