Winged Bag

Gear Type Accessory
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
A magical bag decorated with a pair of wings, given as a reward to those who have defeated monsters from another world. Those who carry this bag are energized and will find their wills invigorated, allowing them to reach heights that they previously thought unreachable.
JUMP Up, Jewels Obtained Up, Enables Master Ability "Soaring Vicarious" (lowers own all Status Res after appearing on map)
Max Stats
  • JUMP +2
  • Jewels Obtained +40
Gear Ability
  • Soaring Reparation
Gear Ability
Lowers All Status Res after appearing on map
Skill Effect
Type Min Max
Shield %
Hide Target Buff
Target Buff (Self)
Type Min Max
All Status Res -100