Proof of the Sun Successor

Gear Type Accessory
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
An accessory owned by Ramses, a noble from the Desert Kingdom. Made with lavishly-used precious metals and gems. Possibly more valuable than an oasis. It has a sparkle worthy of the Heir of the Sun and is said to house mysterious powers.
Attributes: Raises Max Jewels & AGI & Paralyze Res & Thrust ATK Power. Unlocks Master Ability "Rising Succession" (Raises Thrust & Jump ATK for each enemy defeated (Stackable up to 10x))
Origin Desert Zone
Max Stats
  • Max Jewels +15
  • AGI +6
  • Paralyze Res +50
  • Pierce ATK Power +8
Gear Ability
  • Rising Succession
Gear Ability
Raises Pierce/JUMP ATK Power after defeating an enemy (Stackable up to 10x)
Hide Target Buff
Target Buff (Self)
App Type SelfKillCount
App Mct 10
Type Min Max
Pierce ATK Power +10
JUMP ATK Power +10