Seventh's Spaulder

Gear Type Armor
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
A shoulder guard used by soldiers from the 7th Regiment, a unit within the Holy Order. Precious few are even aware it exists. This piece of armor is one of a kind, as is its wearer. It is one of her few links to the outside world and has become something of a source of emotional support in her struggle against loneliness.
Attributes: Max HP Up, Reaction Block Up, Jewels Obtained Up, Enables Master Ability "Resisting Face" when job type is Order Saber/Sacred Knight/Continental Observer (Raises All Elements Res/AGI for three turns after appearing on map)
Gender Female
Origin Northern Pride
Alternative Requirements
Max Stats
  • HP +500
  • Jewels Obtained +15
  • Reaction Block +25
Gear Ability
  • Resisting Face
Gear Ability
Raises All Elemental Res/AGI for three turns after appearing on map
Target Buff (Self)
Duration (ActionEnd) 3
Type Min Max
Fire Res +20
Water Res +20
Wind Res +20
Thunder Res +20
Light Res +20
Dark Res +20
AGI +20%
Job Restriction