Vicious Battle Axe

Gear Type Axe
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
An axe wielded by a military genius, and one of the first of Sephira's people. It has such enormous power that using it eats away at one's very being. Only those whose strength is acknowledged by the axe are permitted to wield it. She is said to be the only one since the beginning of time who can wield it freely.
Attributes: Raises PATK, MDEF, Pierce ATK Power, Slash ATK Power & enables Master Ability when equipped on Matia if her job type is "First Sephira"
Max Stats
  • PATK +50
  • MDEF +40
  • Slash ATK Power +10
  • Pierce ATK Power +10
Gear Ability
  • [Ascending Chasm] Mercy of the Beast
Gear Ability
After appearing on the map, greatly increases Dmg to non-Human units permanently.
Hide Target Buff
Target Buff (Self)
Type Min Max
Dark +50
Strong vs Human -50
Unit and Job Restriction