Rose's Barrette

Type Equipment
Enhancer Pts 165
Enhancer Cost 49500
Zeni Cost 147550
Zeni Sales Price 14755
Tour Coins 5900
Soul Coins 7375
Basic Information
The barrette that Anastasia wears in her hair. It is adorned with a rose motif that symbolizes Anastasia herself. It mainly provides her with physical benefits. She apparently secretly takes great delight in subtly changing its ornamentations according to the different seasons.
[Anastasia/Battle Blossom-Only Equipment] HP +32, PDEF +14, CRIT +10, Jewels Obtained +3, Water Res +1
Materials Zeni Cost
Equipment Stats
Type Min Max
HP +32 +50
PDEF +14 +21
Jewels Obtained +3 +5
Water Res +1 +1
CRIT +10 +15