Altair Sash

Type Equipment
Enhancer Pts 165
Enhancer Cost 49500
Zeni Cost 147550
Zeni Sales Price 14755
Tour Coins 5900
Soul Coins 7375
Gems 200
Basic Information
This sash is worn by those who are able to tell fortunes by looking up at the stars in heaven. Its base material is made from star crystals that possess a unique gravitational power, and although it looks extremely light, it in fact feels incredibly heavy if held by anyone other than Deneb.
[Deneb/Guide for the Stars-Only Equipment] MATK +20, LUCK +20, AGI +4, CRIT +16, Jewels Obtained +5
Materials Zeni Cost
Equipment Stats
Type Min Max
MATK +20 +30
LUCK +20 +30
AGI +4 +6
CRIT +16 +24
Jewels Obtained +5 +8