Type Equipment
Enhancer Pts 80
Enhancer Cost 24000
Zeni Cost 36000
Zeni Sales Price 3600
Arena Coins 200
Tour Coins 1680
Multi Coins 1440
Soul Coins 2100
Gems 14
Basic Information
Magic texts such as this are said to have once been used by magic users known as necromancers. In order to safely harness their power, today they are sealed firmly shut using belts imbued with magical energy. However, it is said that when those with darkness in their hearts attempt to use such books, they will quickly be consumed by them.
MATK +12, PATK +12, DEX +9, Dark Res +1
Materials Zeni Cost
Equipment Stats
Type Min Max
MATK +12 +18
PATK +12 +18
DEX +9 +13
Dark Res +1 +1
Material For