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Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 50
Effect Type SetTrick
Target ValidGrid
Scope 2
Select Scope Square
Height 3
Trick Set Type GridNoUnit
Charges 3
Timing Used
  • ExecuteCutin
  • SelfTargetSelect
Trick Details
Effect パネルに乗るとHP回復&全属性耐性アップ。3度発動すると消滅
Damage Type Heal
Calc Scale
Value 15
Target SelfSide
Effect Target SelfSide
Count 3
Visual Type Player
Ignore Mov Types Flying
Fire Res (Add) 15
Water Res (Add) 15
Wind Res (Add) 15
Thunder Res (Add) 15
Light Res (Add) 15
Dark Res (Add) 15
Check Target Target
Check Timing Eternal