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New Year's Resolution

Raises All ATK, All Elemental Res & Lowers Evasion & MOVE -2 until attacked twice after appearing on the map

Skill Details
Type Skill
Effect Type FailCondition
Target Self
Timing Auto
  • NoUsedJewelBuff
  • AiNoAutoTiming
Target Buff Details
Single Target ATK (Add) 20
Area ATK (Add) 20
Fire Res (Add) 20
Water Res (Add) 20
Wind Res (Add) 20
Thunder Res (Add) 20
Light Res (Add) 20
Dark Res (Add) 20
MOVE (Add) -2
Evasion Rate (Add) -30
Check Target Target
Check Timing DamageEnd
Turns 2
  • NoDisabled
  • NoBuffTurn