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[Condenar] Fulgurant Shot

Thunder Missile ATK (Strong vs Gigantic) on units within area & raises own CRIT Rate for three turns & chance of critical [Range: 4, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 3]

Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 25
ATK Type Missile
DMG Type Physical
Element Thunder
ATK Scaling 0.8 * (PATK + DEX)
Effect Type Attack
Effect Calc Scale
Effect Value
Min: 30
Max: 50
Tokkou Tag Gigantic
Tokkou Damage Rate 80
Back Defense Rate -45
Side Defense Rate -45
Ignore Defense Rate -45
Target NotSelf
Range 2-4
Select Range Diamond
Scope 1
Select Scope Cross
Height 3
Range Display
Area Display
Charges 3
Timing Used
  • ExecuteCutin
  • EnableChangeRange
  • EnableHeightRangeBonus
  • IsCritical
Self Buff Details
CRIT Rate (Add)
Min: 15
Max: 30
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 4