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Pure Threads of Protection

Creates a shield that negates enemy Physical attacks once on ally units around self that lasts for 3 turns & if target is inflicted with status, nullifies all statuses & raises MOVE/JUMP by 1 for one turn [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]

Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 70
Effect Type Shield
Shield Damage Type PhyDamage
Shield Type UseCount
Shield Value 1
Shield Turns 4
Control Damage Calc Scale
Control Damage Value -100
Control Damage Rate 100
Target SelfSide
Scope 2
Select Scope Diamond
Height 3
Range Display
Area Display
Charges 1
Timing Used
  • SelfTargetSelect
Target Buff Details
JUMP (Add) 1
MOVE (Add) 1
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 2
Target Condition Details
Type CureCondition
Rate 100
Value 100
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 3
State Dependent Effect Details
  • IsInvTargetBuff
  • IsInvTargetCond