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Chasing Ruin Crime Stand

Dark Missile ATK on enemy & chance of CRIT & absorbs part of Dmg inflicted back as HP & absorbs AGI for three turns before activation if target is a Monster & "'Chasing Ruin' Crime Stand" changes into "'Final Ruin' Over Stand" for one use [Range: 6, Height Range: Unlimited]

Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 32
ATK Type Missile
DMG Type Physical
Element Dark
ATK Scaling 0.8 * (PATK + DEX)
Effect Type Attack
Effect Calc Scale
Effect Value 120
Target EnemySide
Range 2-6
Select Range Diamond
Line Type Direct
Height 99
Range Display
Area Display
Charges 5
Timing Used
Absorb Damage Rate 50
AbsorbAndGive Absorb
  • ExecuteCutin
  • EnableChangeRange
  • EnableHeightRangeBonus
  • PrevApply
  • IsCritical
Target Buff Details
AGI (Scale) -25
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 3
Type Monster
Ability Change Details
Old Pitch Black Turret
Dark Flash Sky Ray
Dark Fall Battle Star
Final Shot Wear Wolfram
Opening Shot Wear Tungsten
Chasing Dark Crime Stand
New Pitch Black Turret
Dark Flash Sky Ray
Dark Fall Battle Star
Opening Shot Wear Tungsten
Homing Shot Wear Molybdan
Final Dark Over Stand
Turns 0
  • AcSelf