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Absorbs All Stats from target for three turns when taking Dmg other than Pierce or Non-Type & also activated by Skill ATKs [Range: 5, Height Range: 2]

Skill Details
Type Reaction
Reaction Damage Type TotalDamage
Reaction Attack Type Slash, Strike, Missile, Magic, Jump
Effect Type Debuff
Effect Rate 100
Target EnemySide
Range 0-5
Select Range Diamond
Height 2
Range Display
Area Display
Timing Reaction
AbsorbAndGive Absorb
  • AllDamageReaction
Target Buff Details
PATK (Scale) -90
PDEF (Scale) -90
MATK (Scale) -90
MDEF (Scale) -90
AGI (Scale) -50
DEX (Scale) -90
CRIT (Scale) -90
LUCK (Scale) -90
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 4