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Relentless Shock Wave

After receiving Dmg (except from Missile ATK), chance of performing counter on 15% of target's Max HP & lowers PDEF/MDEF of enemy unit for three turns & also activated by Skill ATKs [Range: 30, Height Range: Unlimited]

Skill Details
Type Reaction
ATK Type Slash
DMG Type Physical
Reaction Damage Type TotalDamage
Reaction Attack Type Slash, Strike, Magic, Jump, Special
Effect Type RateDamage
Effect Calc Scale
Effect Value 15
Effect Rate
Min: 1
Max: 100
Target EnemySide
Range 0-30
Select Range Diamond
Height 99
Timing Reaction
  • AllDamageReaction
Target Buff Details
PDEF (Scale)
Min: -20
Max: -30
MDEF (Scale)
Min: -20
Max: -30
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 3