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Cerulean Adventures

Raises HP by 40%, PATK by 20%, Non-Type ATK Power by 20%, CRIT Rate by 10%, CRIT Dmg by 5%, Strong vs Greed by 40%, Strong vs Sloth by 20% for the Memento Group "Pirates"

Skill Details
Type Passive
Effect Type Buff
Target SelfSide
Condition CardLsSkill
Timing Passive
Target Buff Details
HP (Scale) 40
PATK (Scale) 20
Non-type ATK Power (Add) 20
CRIT Rate (Add) 10
Critical Damage Rate (Add) 5
Strong vs Greed (Add) 40
Strong vs Sloth (Add) 20
Check Target Target
Check Timing Eternal
Condition CardLsSkill
Custom Target 1
Memento Group