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Inspiring Marksman

Raises PATK by 40%/Strong vs Wind by 20%/Missile ATK Power by 20%/Hit Rate by 10%/Strong vs Sloth by 40%/Strong vs Gluttony by 20% for the Memento group "Slothstein Engineer"

Skill Details
Type Passive
Effect Type Buff
Target SelfSide
Condition CardLsSkill
Timing Passive
Target Buff Details
PATK (Scale) 40
Missile ATK Power (Add) 20
Strong vs Wind (Add) 20
Hit Rate (Add) 10
Strong vs Sloth (Add) 40
Strong vs Gluttony (Add) 20
Check Target Target
Check Timing Eternal
Condition CardLsSkill
Custom Target 1
Memento Group