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Fierce Tsubamegaeshi

After receiving Dmg, performs counter (100% Hit) that ignores DEF with chance of inflicting Disable Heal on enemy unit [Range: 1, Height Range: 2]

Skill Details
Type Reaction
ATK Type Slash
DMG Type Physical
Reaction Damage Type TotalDamage
ATK Scaling 0.85 * (PATK + AGI / 2 + AGI * Level / 100 + DEX / 4)
Effect Type Attack
Effect Calc Scale
Effect Value
Min: -80
Max: -60
Ignore Defense Rate -100
Target EnemySide
Range 0-1
Select Range Cross
Height 2
Timing Reaction
  • ForceHit
Target Condition Details
Type FailCondition
Min: 5
Max: 25
Value 100
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 3