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Cryo-Devil Barrier

After receiving Dmg, chance of raising All Elements Res for three turns & also activated by skill attacks

Skill Details
Type Reaction
Reaction Damage Type TotalDamage
Effect Type Buff
Effect Rate
Min: 40
Max: 60
Target Self
Range Display
Area Display
Timing Reaction
  • SelfTargetSelect
  • AllDamageReaction
Target Buff Details
Fire Res (Add)
Min: 15
Max: 30
Water Res (Add)
Min: 5
Max: 15
Thunder Res (Add)
Min: 5
Max: 15
Wind Res (Add)
Min: 5
Max: 15
Light Res (Add)
Min: 5
Max: 15
Dark Res (Add)
Min: 5
Max: 15
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 3