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Wind Dragon Concordia

Transform into True Dragon form for five turns & changes ability (This Skill does not use up a turn)

Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 50
Effect Type DynamicTransformUnit
Target Self
Range Display
Area Display
Charges 1
Timing Used
  • ExecuteCutin
  • SelfTargetSelect
Dynamic Transform Unit Details
Name シュメイア
Main Ability Windbreaker Laurus
Broken Chain Rostrum
Four Emperors Ventos
State Tristitia
Dragon Orders Alca
Green Storm Paldens
Reaction Ability Dragon Defense Filia
Dragon Halt Filia
Dragon Flight Filia
Dragon Spirit Filia
Turns 6
  • IsNoWeaponAbility
  • IsNoVisionAbility
  • IsNoItems
  • IsTransHpFull
  • IsCtNoChange
  • IsMaintainMoved