AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

The Alchemist Code Skills (Global)

Name Type ATK Type DMG Type
Shoot x6 Skill Magical
Shoot x5 Skill Magical
Shoot x4 Skill Magical
Shoot x3 Skill Magical
Shoot x2 Skill Magical
Shoot x1 Skill Magical
Gate of Gluttony Passive
Heart's Revealing Light Passive
Eve Memento Vision Equip Gear Status Item
Knight's Duty Passive
Knight's Tribute Skill
Eternal Guard Passive
Lovely Bridal Training Skill
Remote Shining Heart Skill Slash Physical
Remote Shining Heart Skill Slash Physical
Eternal Blazing Heart Skill Strike Physical
Eternal Blazing Heart Skill Strike Physical
Lustburg's Demonic Defense Passive
Heart's Flowerway Passive
Grand Sorcerer of Lustburg Passive
Record of Thunder's Judgment Skill Strike Magical
Courier of Kindness Passive
Industrial Thunder Award Skill Strike Magical
Night Magic Passive
Walk the Heart's Path Passive
Lustburg's Abundance Passive
Grand Sorcerer of Lustburg Passive
Guiding Holy Light Passive
Holy Cover of Justice Skill
Holy Cover of Justice Skill
Guide Passive
Light and Shadow Passive
Fighting Spirit of the Holy Guard Passive
[Memento] Zain Purchase Memento Stats Passive
Zwei Memento Vision Equip Gear Status Item
Beast Orca Skill
Tidal Oannes Skill Magic Magical
Tidal Oannes Skill Magic Magical
Fighting Figure Passive
Outside Together Passive
Zain Diary (Temp.) Item
Zain Hair Ornament (Temp.) Item
Zain Game Piece (Temp.) Item
Zain Cloak (Temp.) Item
Zain Gloves (Temp.) Item
Zain Insignia (Temp.) Item
Drink Away the Tears Passive
The Hottest Day for a Magic Girl Passive
Rebecca May be Perfect, but... Passive
Alma's Laughing, but... Passive
Summer Beach Practice Passive
Summer Beach Lessons Passive
Magic Girls' Brunch Passive
Attack of the Mad Cupid Passive
A Little Luck in Spring Passive
BOP Buff Zain Skill
Enemy Reaction Block Skill
Albea Memento Passive
Albea Buff Skill
Cunning Sight Reaction
Gravity Skill Magic Magical
Cunning Sight Reaction
Sacrificial Soul Shot Skill Slash Physical
Quick Spark Skill Magic Magical
Quick Gust Skill Magic Magical
Quick Blizzard Skill Magic Magical
Quick Flare Skill Magic Magical
Fumbled Magic+ Skill Magic Magical
I'll Show You Heaven Skill
I'll Show You What Heaven Is Skill
Major Overclock Skill
Major Quicken Skill
Victorious Tone Skill
Timing Sping Reaction
Gundrum Highlight Skill Physical
Spiritball Strega Skill
Atomic Thunder Skill Strike Magical
Magic Jewel Delivery Skill
Spiritball Field Skill
Purple Light Figure Reaction
[Roaring Thunder Blade] Generator Skill Slash Physical
Innocent Will Passive
Lucent Blade Skill Slash Magical
Clear Refresh Skill
Immobilize Counter Reaction Physical
Oath of Determination Reaction
Holy Jail Skill Slash Physical
Zain CC02 Job Master Bonus Passive
Eternal Wish Reaction
Grand Spiral Skill Slash Magical
Symbol of Light Skill
Ultimate Starduster Skill Slash Magical
Final Nova Skill Slash Physical
Final Flare Skill Slash Magical
Exceed Flare Skill Slash Magical
Lightning Laser Skill Slash Magical
Fraise CC Job Master Bonus Passive
Holy Guard's Oath Reaction Physical
Cupid's Embrace Skill Magical
Champagne Illumination Skill Magic Magical