AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

The Alchemist Code Skills (Global)

Name Type ATK Type DMG Type
Twin-Blade Flurry Skill Slash Physical
Convert Life Force Passive - -
Concentration Skill - -
High-Angle Shot Skill Missile Physical
CaladbolgⅡ Skill Missile Physical
Trace On Skill Slash Physical
Focused Shot Skill Missile Physical
Twin-Blade Slash Skill Slash Physical
Attack (Archer) Attack Slash Physical
Extravagant Helmet Item - -
Battle Mage Job Master Bonus Passive - -
Divide Life Force Attack - -
Shell Charge Passive - -
Reflection Reaction - -
Absolute Defense Skill - -
Water Flash Skill Magic Magical
Drain Dimension Skill Magic Magical
Aerial Ride Skill Magic Magical
Intersecting Thunder Skill Magic Magical
Luminous Chant Skill Magic Magical
Absolute Defense Skill - -
Tai Chi Attack - -
Aerial Move Skill Magic Magical
Attack (Battle Mage) Attack Strike Physical
Dark Cell Scarf Item - -
Dark Cell Mantle Item - -
Dark Cell Cleaver Item - -
Dark Cell Armor Item - -
Dark Cell Shell-Armor Item - -
Piercing Dawn Spear Item - -
Dead the End Skill Pierce Physical
Yin Yang Attack - -
Mobile Knight: JLv Master★Max Passive - -
Informer Cape Item - -
Mobile Knight Job Master Bonus Passive - -
Reduce Load Passive - -
Unlock Limit Passive - -
Counterattack Poison Slash Reaction Slash Physical
Cross-Halt Blade Skill Slash Physical
Absorption Blade Skill Slash Physical
Sorcery Pair Passive - -
Paralyzing Blade Skill Slash Physical
Four-Edged Blade Skill Slash Physical
Charged Armed 4-Multihit Attack Skill Slash Physical
Armed-Leap Assault Skill Slash Physical
Accelerated Armed Raid Skill Slash Physical
CRIT Armed Multihit Skill Slash Physical
ATK Skills (Mobile Knight) Attack Slash Physical