AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

The Alchemist Code Skills (Global)

Name Type ATK Type DMG Type
Rule Breaker Skill Slash Physical
Magic Cross-Missile Skill Magic Magical
Magic Ray Skill Magic Magical
Magic Missile Skill Magic Magical
Attack (Caster) Attack Strike Physical
Clairvoyance Passive - -
Rho Aias Reaction - -
Twin-Blade Flurry Skill Slash Physical
Convert Life Force Passive - -
Concentration Skill - -
High-Angle Shot Skill Missile Physical
CaladbolgⅡ Skill Missile Physical
Trace On Skill Slash Physical
Focused Shot Skill Missile Physical
Twin-Blade Slash Skill Slash Physical
Attack (Archer) Attack Slash Physical
Extravagant Helmet Item - -
Battle Mage Job Master Bonus Passive - -
Divide Life Force Attack - -
Shell Charge Passive - -
Reflection Reaction - -
Absolute Defense Skill - -
Water Flash Skill Magic Magical
Drain Dimension Skill Magic Magical
Aerial Ride Skill Magic Magical
Intersecting Thunder Skill Magic Magical
Luminous Chant Skill Magic Magical
Absolute Defense Skill - -
Tai Chi Attack - -
Aerial Move Skill Magic Magical
Attack (Battle Mage) Attack Strike Physical
Dark Cell Scarf Item - -
Dark Cell Mantle Item - -
Dark Cell Cleaver Item - -
Dark Cell Armor Item - -
Dark Cell Shell-Armor Item - -
Piercing Dawn Spear Item - -
Dead the End Skill Pierce Physical
Yin Yang Attack - -
Mobile Knight: JLv Master★Max Passive - -
Informer Cape Item - -
Mobile Knight Job Master Bonus Passive - -
Reduce Load Passive - -
Unlock Limit Passive - -
Counterattack Poison Slash Reaction Slash Physical
Cross-Halt Blade Skill Slash Physical
Absorption Blade Skill Slash Physical
Sorcery Pair Passive - -
Paralyzing Blade Skill Slash Physical
Four-Edged Blade Skill Slash Physical
Charged Armed 4-Multihit Attack Skill Slash Physical
Armed-Leap Assault Skill Slash Physical
Accelerated Armed Raid Skill Slash Physical
CRIT Armed Multihit Skill Slash Physical
ATK Skills (Mobile Knight) Attack Slash Physical