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AlchemistCodeDB is a database for The Alchemist Code. You can download the game on iOS and Android.

4★ - 5★

Charming BladeSword

Attributes: PATK Up, HP Up, CRIT Up, Chance of Charm


This sword was arduously crafted by a blacksmith working for the kingdom. It uses a bog-standard sword as its base, but its blade has been treated with a special substance, imbuing it with a deep pink glow. It occasionally inflicts Charm, captivating and controlling enemies.

Equippable Jobs

Mithril Sword Charm: PATK +5-30, HP +2-25, CRIT +2-10, Charm 10-15%

Buff Data
Type Min Value Max Value
PATK +5 +30
Charm +10 +15
HP +2 +25
CRIT +2 +10