Tiger Festive Ratty

Gear Type Accessory
Rarity 5★
Item Shard
Basic Information
A Festive Ratty figurine decorated with a tiger headpiece. Having it as decoration for the New Year will give perseverance to overcome anything. Legend has it that instead of gaining power, it will make one eat too much during New Year's celebrations.
Attributes: MDEF Up, PDEF Debuff Reduction Up, MDEF Debuff Reduction Up, Enables Master Ability when equipped
Max Stats
  • PDEF +22
  • MDEF +22
  • Reduce PDEF Debuff +22
  • Reduce MDEF Debuff +22
Gear Ability
  • New Year's Resolution
Gear Ability
Raises All ATK, All Elemental Res & Lowers Evasion & MOVE -2 until attacked twice after appearing on the map
Target Buff (Self)
Duration (DamageEnd) 2
Type Min Max
Single Target ATK +20
Area ATK +20
Fire Res +20
Water Res +20
Wind Res +20
Thunder Res +20
Light Res +20
Dark Res +20
Evasion Rate -30