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真理念装グループが『ワダツミ武門』のHP40%アップ 物攻40%アップ 物防10%アップ 回避率5%アップ <強欲>特効20%アップ <暴食>特効20%アップ <憤怒>特効20%アップ

Skill Details
Type Passive
Effect Type Buff
Target SelfSide
Condition CardLsSkill
Timing Passive
Target Buff Details
HP (Scale) 40
PATK (Scale) 40
PDEF (Scale) 10
Evasion Rate (Add) 5
Strong vs Greed (Add) 20
Strong vs Wrath (Add) 20
Strong vs Gluttony (Add) 20
Check Target Target
Check Timing Eternal
Condition CardLsSkill
Custom Target 1
Memento Group