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Crimson-Dyed Phoenix

Raises own CT by 50 & raises All ATK for one turn & "Blazing Phoenix - Flaming Kagutsuchi" changes into "Rising Ashes - Flaming Kagutsuchi" for one use & cannot be used again until "Rising Ashes - Flaming Kagutsuchi" has been used

Skill Details
Type Skill
Cost 25
Effect Type Buff
Target SelfSide
Height 2
Range Display
Area Display
Cast Type Chant
Cast Speed 400
Control CT Calc Add
Control CT Value 500
Control CT Rate 100
Charges 5
Rate 100
Timing Used
  • SelfTargetSelect
  • ForceUnitLock
Target Buff Details
Fire (Add) 50
Check Target Target
Check Timing ActionStart
Turns 2
Ability Change Details
Old Ignited Circle
Crimson Burn
Eon Phoenix, Blazing Sky
Blazing Phoenix - Flaming Kagutsuchi
Crimson-Dyed Phoenix
New Ignited Circle
Crimson Burn
Eon Phoenix, Blazing Sky
Rising Ashes - Flaming Kagutsuchi
Turns 0
  • AcSelf